New free service and app for every WiFi network
Public bulletin boards on every WiFi network
A place for
presentation and communication
Local reach,
global use
Your WiFiclaim,
your rules

We have simply added “pen and paper” to billions of existing WiFi networks. It’s up to you how you use them.

Your WiFiclaim, Your Property
Your WiFiclaim, Your Property
Claim your WiFi network and set your own rules on what others can post to it. We don’t restrict nor moderate what you post to WiFi boards. Do you want to promote your company or yourself? Feel free, it’s free! Do you just want to link your WiFi network to your existing web site? It’s easy with infoWiFi.
Make Money, Save Money
Make Money, Save Money
New customers are all around you, reach out to them. Don’t rely on search engines, rely on your WiFiclaim. No longer do you have to restrict yourself only to the WiFi network name. Easily link your WiFi domain with your existing online activities. Reach out and communicate to customers in your vicinity. It’s simple, economical, and ecological. Get feedback from real people who walk around you.
Your WiFi domain can serve as a replacement for a simple mobile app, for free. WiFi domain provides information in the format that’s optimized for mobile devices.
Fixed Point on the Move
Fixed Point on the Move
WiFi networks can today be found in many places where you wouldn’t have expected them before - on trains, buses, in public transit. Everywhere there is WiFi, there’s also infoWiFi, so you can communicate with people on your way to work or when travelling to the countryside.
Local Reach
Local Reach
You can simply communicate with people who were, are, or will be in the same place as you. Easily make new friends, chat or discuss your surroundings. Each of us lives not just globally but locally as well. Outside you meet people, not profiles.
Advanced Password Sharing
Advanced Password Sharing
Are you tired of constantly having to tell the password to your WiFi or to constantly look for another WiFi network password? Find it or share it directly on every WiFi domain. You can also post additional information about the connection or comment on its quality. Do you want a fee or a ‘Like’ to let people use the connection? Set your own rules. Connection passwords can be used for other devices using WiFi.
Everywhere Around Us
Everywhere Around Us
Billions existing WiFi networks are actually something like venues in foursquare or Google Places, with the difference that everybody can themselves decide which information will be shown to others, for free and without approvals.
Giving out leaflets, gluing posters in the streets, or stuffing people’s mailboxes is so old-fashioned! Our Traces functionality lets you pick a post and have it appear on every WiFi network you pass through. It’s simple, economical and ecological. You can also use this function non-commercially.
Anonymity and Security
Anonymity and Security
Do you want to write an anonymous post or rate some venue without the owner knowing your identity? No need to create a fake profile, just check a checkbox while writing the post and your authorship will remain hidden. You don’t need to be registered to scan and read the information on WiFi networks. Registration will allow you to claim WiFi networks, write posts, share passwords and access our web interface that is more comfortable to use from the desktop.

We don't set the rules, we just create a space and tools for you.

How It Works

  • We have created for every WiFi network in the world its own unique public WiFi domain.
  • The infoWiFi app serves as the recorder, reader and editor of the information attached to individual WiFi networks.
  • In the application you can browse individual detected WiFi networks, posts on their bulletin boards, passwords to WiFi networks. Or you can browse just posts and tags.
  • WiFi networks often have unexpectedly high range and their signal covers wide area. Your message on infoWiFi will be visible to everybody who passes through this area.

    Calculate the area of your WiFiclaim.

WiFi Range (m)
WiFiClaim Area (m2)

2500 m2

  • Neither permanent data connection, nor GPS is required.
  • You can also use the web interface to manage posts and browse WiFi domains scanned by your mobile device.
  • We have simply added “pen and paper” to billions of existing WiFi networks. It’s up to you how you use them.
  • To uniquely identify the WiFi domain we use the combination of WiFi network name (SSID) and device MAC address.
  • We don’t set the rules, we just create a space and tools for you. infoWiFi is a content-neutral service.
  • infoWiFi is a universal service for every smartphone and every WiFi network.
Mark for the spot where infoWiFi is available
Print out the sticker and place it on your shop window to inform your customers. You can use the graphic in your advertisements as well.
Why was infoWiFi created?

Many services and apps use the WiFi networks around us, to make themselves “better”, mainly to determine your location, never asking the owners of the networks for permission or offering them any compensation.

infoWiFi leaves full control to the WiFi network owners.

It’s great to have a choice.